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Austin, TX

Welcome to my website! Here you can find my portfolio of Digital Illustration, comics, Printmedia, and soft fiber sculpture. 

Artist Statement: 

In this digital landscape, I go by Wabi-- A nickname derived from Wabi-Sabi, the traditional Japanese aesthetic of embracing “the art of imperfection”. Wabi-Sabi reminds us of our transience — that our bodies and all things around us are in the process of returning to the earth. I strive to adopt this ideology in my art-making, accepting the natural direction of the mind, hand, and heart to create work that embraces shamelessness, mistakes, and growth. 

I like to call myself a storyteller, utilizing characters, metaphors, and symbols in my illustrations, comics, printmedia, and soft fibers creations. Common image recurrences and inspirations for me include plant creatures, costumes, toys, cowboys, recurring dreams, cartoons, and pop culture. As a hoarder of all things silly and useless, I like to view my work through the lens of collecting, charm, and ease of access into your home — vying for the reaction of “sparking joy”.

As Wabi, I want my artwork to embrace the transience of joy; to share my obsessions, collections, and care in the form of whimsical, tender, and shameless creation.

Olive Dealer
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Chicago, IL, USA

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